Final charity day meeting

As discussed at the last meeting we have arranged our final meeting before the big day this Sunday 8th May at Tedburn St Mary FC.

Address: Barley Park, Tedburn St Mary, EX6 6AE

The meeting will commence at 6pm, so please be there on time.

I just want to have a quick update around the room, to ensure everyone is on target and happy with their responsibilities, and also offer information on how many volunteers will be required for the day, and at what times, so we can pass to the club committee for volunteers.

It is therefore very important that everybody involved with the running of the day is present please. This will then allow everyone to offer any opinions or advice, while still giving us time to change things if necessary.

Please can you all pass this message on to anybody who will be involved with the running of the day (including the farmer please Jaimie and Darren).

We are now only just over 2 weeks away so starting to get scary now, very real, so I would appreciate you all making the most effort possible to invite the right people and to inform them of how important this is to us as a club.

If you know of anyone who has not been invited please let me know so I can include them, but also please invite them if required.

Thank you all in advance and I look forward to seeing you all at 6pm on Sunday May 8th at Tedburn.

Simon Partridge
West Exe YFC Head Coach
07788 656430