30/03/2019 Brixington vs U13s



Saturday 30th March 2019 K.O. 10.00am

After the disappointment of the defeat mid-week in the cup, we had a tough match ahead against top of the table Brixington. Brixington got off to a good start with an early run down the left wing and a shot that ended up in the side netting. A moment later James had a long range shot saved by the keeper. Sixty seconds later and the ball was back in our own half where Brixington tried their luck at a long range shot that West Exe keeper Thomas parried out for a corner. The following twelve minutes sees West Exe have the majority of the possession and territory, with a through ball to Dylan, who is one on one with the keeper and makes a fine save. In the eighteenth minute a Brixington striker looses our defence. Goal keeper Thomas charges out and stays big, forcing the strikers shot wide. Twenty five minutes in sees a high ball in from the right wing. Ellen, with her back to goal, kicks the ball over her head towards the goal. The ball is cleared where James hits a peach of a volley, with swerve on it that sends it off the inside of the right hand post and in for a goal. 0-1. In the thirty first minute there is a herd of players swarming around the ball in midfield. The ball comes out in the direction of our goal where it’s a race between our keeper and there player. Thomas wins the race and clears to safety. Just on half time Mickie takes a corner, sending the ball right into the box where Levi jumps higher than everyone else and scores with a great header. 0-2.

HT 0-2

Two minutes into the second half, James collects the ball from a throw in and then proceeds to dodge a couple of Brixington defenders and shoots but the keeper makes a fine save with his feet. Five minutes in and Ellen passes the ball to James who is out on the left wing. He runs down the line and then superbly lobs the keeper to score. 0-3. On seven minutes Brixington run through but Tee chases back, catching up with the attacker and makes a fantastic tackle. West Exe are now looking confident and it shows in the tenth minute with a lovely one-two between Mickie and Levi. Mickie whips in a corker of a shot where the keeper mishandles the save and the ball ends up in the top left hand corner of the net. 0-4. West Exe are now flying and come close with Gracjan one on one with the keeper but he makes a really good save. A moment later and the game all but won. James hits a cracker of a shot, low and hard into the bottom left hand corner of the goal. 0-5. West Exe ease off for the remainder of the match which gives Brixington a couple of chances. From a Brixington corner the ball comes out to their striker where Tee charges down a powerful shot. In the twenty eighth minute Brixington cross the ball in from the left wing and their striker hits the ball hard from just inside the box. Thomas makes a fantastic save and the ball goes out for a corner. After half an hour Brixington score. They play a through ball that Thomas runs out to clear but is beaten to the ball by their striker. He lobs Thomas and with the ball heading towards goal, Tee chases after it. Running towards his own net, Tee tries to clear it but it bounces off the underside of the cross bar and over the line. Excellent attempt and commitment Tee. 1-5. The game finishes with some lovely passing by West Exe. James is one on one with the keeper and tries the sweaty move but plays the ball too hard and it goes out for the final whistle.


I cannot praise the team’s performance high enough. Every player one the pitch was superb. Thomas, Tee, Archie and Andreas in defence were all outstanding. The wingers made up ground when given the opportunity, James and Levi pounced and pressurized on everything that came near them. Dylan kept the Brixington defenders on their toes and although Gracjan didn’t score he battled all game long against a tall defender, opening up their defence and allowing others score. A truly great performance. Well done West Exe. Proper Job.