Match Report 14s vs Buckland – 13/09/2020

 WOW…What a Game!!!!!

I apologise now, as I didn’t take many notes due to the excitement of the game.

It was a beautiful sunny morning. No need for umbrellas today! 

West Exe turned up strong with 12 players. Great to see AJ and Jess’s return and also welcome to Edith who made her first match debut this week. 

It was agreed to play an 8v8 game to accommodate Buckland’s 9 Players.

The last time we met Buckland, Buckland won 5:1 so West Exe felt the pressure today.

The team had their first team photo of the season followed by a brief pep talk from Sara!

During warm up Pheobe injured her thumb so Misha stepped in as Goalkeeper for the game. Thank you to Misha.

West Exe were raring to go today, they ran onto the pitch to their starting positions. West Exe had Maisy, Jess and Alicia in defence to start.

The whistle went and West Exe roared up the pitch. West Exe had an amazing start with some fab passing through the team up to AJ who took a run on goal with a shot which was saved by Bucklands keeper. This seemed to give West Exe a huge confidence boost and that was how the game seemed to pan out.

West Exe had control of the ball, spectators were on the edge of the seats (fold up chairs) and couldn’t quite believe what they were watching.  

It was excellent football to watch by both sides.

8 minutes in, Maddie took a shot on Goal and scored!!!! Unfortunately it was disallowed being offside!

After this there was no stopping West Exe.

Buckland felt the pressure but did not let their guard down. They took a good run on goal from a throw in, but did not reach the box.

It was great to see West Exe take a few shots at goal by both Maddie and AJ, they just weren’t reaching the net, some near misses, some hitting the posts. The frustration was showing.

Maisy showed off some lovely turns when defending, snatching the ball off Buckland, turning and booting the ball to West Exe.

The pressure by West Exe almost caused Buckland to almost score an Own Goal.

Half time was almost upon us, West Exe didn’t let up at all and then managed to get past Buckland defence and scored another GOAL!!!!! The spectators cheered but it was seconds after the half time whistle and also Off Side!!!

Half Time Score 0-0

West Exe kept up the pressure. Only 2 minutes in AJ took a run on Goal following some lovely passing up the pitch by West Exe.  1-0 West Exe

Pheobe joined in the second half, playing at right midfield. Great to see her in a different position! She made her presence known, as not long after she joined the game Pheobe took a hard, fast strike at goal from 25 yards, gutted as it hit the post! We saw a couple more of these later in the game.

Edith joined in defence; it was lovely to hear Maisy mentoring Edith just as she did Brooke the week before and also pushing the team forward from defence.  

Bucklands Goal Keeper showed her courage, as she came out and smothered the ball which ended up with three players in a bundle on the pitch.

Bucklands determination was seen and they pushed through West Exe and Scored a goal 20 minutes into the second half.

With the score 1 all it was all to play for.

Ray took a free kick from 35yds out, Rocket Ray lived up to her reputation and sent the ball flying towards the top corner! It did beat the goalkeeper but was cm’s wide of the post. A very near miss.

West Exe continued to control the game, approx 30 minutes in Ray took control of the ball then had another attempt on Goal……and it went in…GOAL!!!!!!!

The last 5 minutes seemed to last forever, then the final whistle went, score 2:1 to West Exe. Spectators went wild!!!!!

Misha was awarded player of the match for stepping up as Goalkeeper!

Massive well done to all and big thank you the coaches Martin and Rob.