Match Report 14s vs Buckland – 13/09/2020

 WOW…What a Game!!!!!

I apologise now, as I didn’t take many notes due to the excitement of the game.

It was a beautiful sunny morning. No need for umbrellas today! 

West Exe turned up strong with 12 players. Great to see AJ and Jess’s return and also welcome to Edith who made her first match debut this week. 

It was agreed to play an 8v8 game to accommodate Buckland’s 9 Players.

The last time we met Buckland, Buckland won 5:1 so West Exe felt the pressure today.

The team had their first team photo of the season followed by a brief pep talk from Sara!

During warm up Pheobe injured her thumb so Misha stepped in as Goalkeeper for the game. Thank you to Misha.

West Exe were raring to go today, they ran onto the pitch to their starting positions. West Exe had Maisy, Jess and Alicia in defence to start.

The whistle went and West Exe roared up the pitch. West Exe had an amazing start with some fab passing through the team up to AJ who took a run on goal with a shot which was saved by Bucklands keeper. This seemed to give West Exe a huge confidence boost and that was how the game seemed to pan out.

West Exe had control of the ball, spectators were on the edge of the seats (fold up chairs) and couldn’t quite believe what they were watching.  

It was excellent football to watch by both sides.

8 minutes in, Maddie took a shot on Goal and scored!!!! Unfortunately it was disallowed being offside!

After this there was no stopping West Exe.

Buckland felt the pressure but did not let their guard down. They took a good run on goal from a throw in, but did not reach the box.

It was great to see West Exe take a few shots at goal by both Maddie and AJ, they just weren’t reaching the net, some near misses, some hitting the posts. The frustration was showing.

Maisy showed off some lovely turns when defending, snatching the ball off Buckland, turning and booting the ball to West Exe.

The pressure by West Exe almost caused Buckland to almost score an Own Goal.

Half time was almost upon us, West Exe didn’t let up at all and then managed to get past Buckland defence and scored another GOAL!!!!! The spectators cheered but it was seconds after the half time whistle and also Off Side!!!

Half Time Score 0-0

West Exe kept up the pressure. Only 2 minutes in AJ took a run on Goal following some lovely passing up the pitch by West Exe.  1-0 West Exe

Pheobe joined in the second half, playing at right midfield. Great to see her in a different position! She made her presence known, as not long after she joined the game Pheobe took a hard, fast strike at goal from 25 yards, gutted as it hit the post! We saw a couple more of these later in the game.

Edith joined in defence; it was lovely to hear Maisy mentoring Edith just as she did Brooke the week before and also pushing the team forward from defence.  

Bucklands Goal Keeper showed her courage, as she came out and smothered the ball which ended up with three players in a bundle on the pitch.

Bucklands determination was seen and they pushed through West Exe and Scored a goal 20 minutes into the second half.

With the score 1 all it was all to play for.

Ray took a free kick from 35yds out, Rocket Ray lived up to her reputation and sent the ball flying towards the top corner! It did beat the goalkeeper but was cm’s wide of the post. A very near miss.

West Exe continued to control the game, approx 30 minutes in Ray took control of the ball then had another attempt on Goal……and it went in…GOAL!!!!!!!

The last 5 minutes seemed to last forever, then the final whistle went, score 2:1 to West Exe. Spectators went wild!!!!!

Misha was awarded player of the match for stepping up as Goalkeeper!

Massive well done to all and big thank you the coaches Martin and Rob.

West Exe take over Colyton

Colyton is proving the tournament to enter for West Exe Youth as this year saw the U9s and U10s triumph, taking the trophy home.

This years youngest West Exe team and tournament newbies U7’s , although no winners trophy was available, still managed to remain unbeaten all day, only coming unstuck when they faced each other!

West Exe U10s celebrating victory, pipping 15 other teams to the trophy. Played out of their skin all day only conceding 1 goal in total. Worrying time in the group stages when 2 players fell unwell, with no subs to fall back on, they threw back on the blue shirt and powered to victory. 

West Exe U9s returning to the tournament as champions go unbeaten against 6 other teams, managing to win this tournament for a 2nd successive year winning 2-0 in the final.The U7s looking smart and gaining their first taste of tournament fun. Going unbeaten is no mean feat, the future is looking bright for Steve and his team.

To have 2 teams winning back to back tournament here and now the U7s looking strong too, we may not be allowed back in Colyton……..

09/05/2019 U13s Youth vs Alphington



Thursday 9th May 2019 K.O. 6.00pm

Match report by Geoff Bland

Having beaten this years league champions only a couple of days earlier, we now face our neighbours Alphington in the final match of the season.

We get off to a reasonable start with an early floated cross from Mickie out on the right wing. Dylan sprints into the box and is unlucky not to get on the end of the ball. A few minutes later James tries with a long range shot from the middle of Alphington’s half but it sails high and wide. Sixty seconds later we lose possession in mid-field. Alphington break down the right wing, shoot and score. 0-1. After quarter of an hour we again lose the ball. Alphington run through and score but the flag is raised for off-side. In the nineteenth minute Alphington have a corner. The ball is whipped into the penalty area where there is lack of communication by West Exe and Alphington score again. 0-2. West Exe have a good spell of possession and on half an hour James tries a long range shot but to goes high over the cross bar. A minute later he tries again with a run down the left wing, past a number of Alphington players and shoots wide. As half time approaches Alphington take a shot from just inside the box requiring Thomas to make a good finger tip catch. The half ends with an attempt from Mickie that the keeper saves.

HT 0-2

Within the first few seconds of starting the second half we have a corner. Gracian jumps high and makes good contact with the ball but it goes straight into the keeper’s arms. A minute later Alphington play a through ball down the centre of the park. They are one on one with Thomas who spreads himself out wide as the shot heads his way and he makes an important save with his feet. It’s end to end football and West Exe now have a corner. Mickie flights the ball right into the danger zone as our strikers set themselves but the keeper gets a finger tip to the ball first and nudges it to an Alphington player to clear. On seven minutes Alphington have a free kick out on the right wing. The ball is floated over our static defence and with three Alphington attackers beating the off-side trap, they easily slot the ball into the net. 0-3. A few minutes later they have another free kick, this time out on the left. It’s a similar set piece but this time the ball hits the post and gets cleared. On quarter of an hour an under powered pass back to Thomas enables Alphington to try a lob. Thomas jumps up to get a finger to the ball and catch. Less than two minutes later Alphington play a ball over the top of our defence. Thomas stretches out and makes a great save to tip the ball over the cross bar. The corner comes in and skims off the top of the cross bar and out for a goal kick. From this kick, James passes to Gracian who runs past and around a number of Alphington players and calmly slots past the keeper. 1-3. The following five minutes sees both sides trying long range shots, Alphington wanting to put the game out of our reach and West Exe desperately looking to close the gap. Thomas makes a great save from Alphington’s attempt, James’s shot goes wide, Seb shot is fumbled by the keeper, Gracian couldn’t quite control the rebound and another shot from James is saved by the keeper. On twenty five minutes Levi plays a through ball to Gracian who side foots it wide. The game is starting to slip away and the frustration shows when James is booked for kicking the ball away. The match finishes with a ball from Alphington that goes across the face of the goal.


A shame the season ended with a loss but Alphington are a well organised side, with rehearsed set pieces and clear communication between all of their players. West Exe had some opportunities but tiredness from a hectic end of season seemed to catch up with us, especially after an epic game only a couple of days previously. It was a pointless yellow card to give away and only proved to Alphington that we were getting frustrated. This only gives them more determination to carry on doing more of the same, to try to rattle and disrupt our play further. It was good to see we continued to fight for everything even when three goals down.

West Exe have improved massively this season and have played some outstanding football along the way. To beat the top teams and reach the semi final of the cup has been well deserved. Our first season with  a full size pitch and goal has seen our defence grow in confidence and play well as a unit. Mid-field love the tough games where they get stuck in for a battle and push forward whenever possible. The strikers have taken their opportunities well and have scored some unbelievable goals. To pay three pounds to watch some of the matches this year seems like a bargain. Well done West Exe to a brilliant 2018/19 season and we are all looking forward to an even better 2019/20.

07/05/2019 Exeter Panthers vs U13 Youth



Tuesday 7th May 2019 K.O. 6.30pm

The penultimate game of the season was against this years champions Exeter Panthers, who had only lost one league match.

Panthers came out the blocks running with good early possession and a shot that hit the cross bar. West Exe had a chance after eight minutes following a good spell of passing that resulted in Gracian taking a shot that is blocked by a defender, the ball rebounds to James whose shot has the sting taken out of it by a deflection enabling the keeper to save. Shortly after Panthers have a corner kick. Panthers header the ball at goal and as West Exe attempt to clear the it, the ball is kicked at a Panthers player and rebounds into our own net. 1-0. Conceding this unfortunate goal makes West Exe up the tempo and a couple of minutes later, James tries a speculative shot from just inside the Panthers half. The ball is high and begins to dip but just a little too late as it goes over the cross bar. On fifteen minutes West Exe have a throw in. A great pass by James to Gracian allows him to run past his defender and slot the ball past the keeper. 1-1. From the restart West Exe gain possession and push forward. James hits a belter of a shot with his left foot into the back of the net. 1-2. Again from the restart Seb has a shot at goal but with little power and the ball goes wide. Panthers try a long range shot which Thomas saves. West Exe also try their luck with a long range shot from Mickie, the keeper spills and Seb taps in for our third. 1-3. We are now in complete control and looking dominant. Gracian controls a high ball, beats the keeper takes a shot with his left foot but the ball hits the left hand post and goes out for a goal kick. Twenty five minutes on the clock and James fires another left footed shot that sails past the keeper for yet another goal. 1-4. This is unbelievable football. On the half hour Panthers take a shot. The ball deflects off defender Thomas sending goal keeper Thomas the wrong way. With a quick adjustment and a desperate dive he just about gets a finger tip to the ball. The ball is now slowly heading towards the right hand side of the goal but as it hits the inside of the post the long grass stops the ball before it completely crosses the line. Panthers are now getting frustrated and results in a booking. Just before half time Panthers cross from the left wing, our defence doesn’t clear and they score. 2-4. The half ends with a corner for Panthers, the ball is floated into the box for an unchallenged header that fortunately goes wide.

HT 2-4

West Exe start the second half in fine form. We have an early throw in. Mickie crosses to Gracian who can’t get the ball out from under his feet and the under powered shot is saved. Gracian tries again soon after from a through ball from Archie. He beats two defenders but the shot goes wide. A couple of minutes later James passes to Gracian who is in the penalty box but his attempt is saved by the keeper. After nine minutes and the majority of play by West Exe, Panthers have a run down the right wing. The cross comes in, our defence is struggling to get back in time and Panthers shoot past our keeper. 3-4. A few minutes later and Panthers try a similar move. This time the shot is saved by Thomas. Panthers are starting to take control and force a corner. The ball comes in and they have an unchallenged header to make the score level. 4-4. Surely we can’t lose this now. We almost do in the twenty third minute from another Panthers corner. Their shot is stopped by a great save of an outstretched leg from our keeper. From Thomas’s goal kick high up the pitch, James shoots but it goes across the face of the goal and out. Approaching full time, James has a go from far out on the left wing. The ball rattles the cross bar and falls at Levi’s feet who reacts to get a quick shot off. The keeper gets a finger tip on the ball enabling a defender to clear. We’re into the thirty fifth minute and it’s looking like a draw. We continue battling and force a corner. Seb fires the ball into the penalty area where an unmarked Gracian leaps up and scores with a thunderous bullet header. Amazing scenes. 4-5. West Exe play out time and the game finishes after Levi’s shot is deflected wide.


This was an outstanding match from start to finish. The intensity of play didn’t let up throughout the entire seventy minutes and the way West Exe took hold of the game, especially in the first half was top class. You deserved to win that match and perhaps by a bigger margin. Every single player contributed to a historic victory. Well done.



04/05/2019 Moors Youth vs U13s Youth



Saturday 4th May 2019 K.O. 10.30am

The pitch at Tiverton High School was in good condition and the sun popped out now and then so all was set for a good morning of football. With West Exe and Moors currently 5th and 6th in the table there was all to fight for with only a few matches remaining.

Moors started briskly, with an early run down the right. Their striker’s subsequent shot required Thomas to parry for a corner. A couple of minutes later and West Exe have settled into the match and starting to push forward. Mickie passes the ball through the middle of the Moors defence to Gracjan, who takes a shot but it goes over the cross bar. Sixty seconds later we have made good ground down the left wing. The ball is cut back to Levi who is on the edge of the penalty area and he calmly side foots in for the opening goal of the match. 0-1. A couple of minutes later West Exe lose the ball in mid-field. Moors run towards goal where Thomas runs out to try and force the attacker out wide but the striker shoots and scores. 1-1. From the restart West Exe have another chance. A whipped in cross by Gracjan fizzes across the goal where Dylan couldn’t quite reach to get his head to the ball. The following quarter of an hour goes by without much incident, then following a one-two between Gracjan and Thomas, Gracjan hits the ball right on the sweet spot only for the shot to go inches wide. On twenty five minutes James goes on a run. He runs past a number of Moors players before taking his shot but sends it straight at the keeper. Moors finish the half stronger, with a cross and shot that is cleared off the line by Andreas.

HT 1-1

West Exe begin the second half looking like they want to take all three points from this game. Seb makes good headway down the right wing, crosses it into the box where a scramble ensues and the ball ends up being kicked out for a corner. After six minutes Seb receives a through ball and is one on one with the keeper. He instinctively side foots his shot but it goes wide. West Exe are awarded a free kick in the fourteenth minute out on the left hand side. James goes for the far corner but the ball goes millimeters wide. The twentieth minute has Moors on the break. The ball is played across the penalty box and the shot is not scored due to a great save by Thomas. West Exe try soon after with a long range shot from Levi that goes just over the cross bar. The final chance of the match again comes from Moors on the break. Thomas comes charging out from goal and puts the striker off just enough for the shot to go wide.


This game saw two equally matched sides, cancelling each other out for long periods of the game. Both teams had missed opportunities and a draw seems a fair result. With only two matches remaining against two top teams, if we put in our best effort, determination and commitment we will finish the season on a high. You can do it West Exe. Lets have it.

Thanks Simon


02/05/2019 U13s vs Okehampton



Thursday 2 May 2019 6.15 KO at Cowick Barton Playing Fields

Written by Russell Luscombe

No referee was available, so Barry stepped in for the first half, followed by Steve.

We pushed hard from the kick-off, with James trying a shotacross goal. A few minutes later, Sully and James pushed fast down the left, but came up short against their defenders.

In the fourth minute, cross gave James a smooth header in – the first of many goals for him! (1-0)

Very soon after, Okehampton equalised. (1-1)

Another solid 1-2 between James and Sully, with the latter coming very close to goal, but stopped by a good defender.James’s next goal followed quickly, with a great right-foot curler. (2-1)

15 minutes in, a long ball from the right by James found Dylan’s head, but the ball went just wide.

A fast run and good cross by Mikey was met by Gracjan, but his shot went just over the bar.

A few minutes later, a high ball by Okehampton from the touch line was easily caught by Thomas. Their keeper was then tested by a long and high cross from Mikey.

Sully then pushed hard down the flank to Dylan, who pushed it just wide. Their No. 20 then scored an own goal. (3-1)

Two solid corners by Mikey gave Tee and Gracjan good headers that the keeper saved well.

Five minutes before half-time, James reached a hat-trick with a huge strike. (4-1)

Within a minute or so, James came back for more, with a goal deflected in after a great set-up by Sully. (5-1) A very strong first half with lots of possession and energy by us.

HT 5-1

The second half began with Tom, Seb and Macjik coming on from subs.

Mikey pushed down the line and had a good shot on target, but the keeper saved it smoothly.

Okehampton were not giving up and Tom held off a tough challenge to clear the ball well.

Ten minutes in, and after a scrappy twenty seconds in the box, Mikey scored. (6-1)

James was once again in the right place for a powerful strike just after another good save – we were starting to look unstoppable. (7-1)

Gracjan then took another of many fast runs, with a smooth shot that went just wide, soon followed by another goal by James. (8-1)

Andreas had a very close chance when his bullet header wascleared from the line.

Tom had come on from subs and had a good push to battle with one of their better defenders, soon followed by shots on goal by Macjik and Levi that went slightly wide.

Levi and Tom pushed up with good passing, which led to a corner for Mikey that Levi headed in comfortably. (9-1)

Okehampton’s no. 6 was consistently on top form and pushed up fast to get past Thomas for a well-deserved goal. (9-2) Another top shot by the same forward forced a brilliant save by Thomas over the bar.

Seb had a lively half and made a smooth shot count. (10-2)

Five minutes before full-time, Sully was substituted for Gracjan and had a solid strike on goal that clipped thecrossbar, followed by Tom’s higher shot that the keeper stopped.

Okehampton weren’t done in yet and made a simple but effective short ball in. (10-3)

A fantastic result by Westexe and all our players should feel proud!

27/04/2019 U13s vs Exeter Panthers




Saturday 27th April 2019 K.O. 10.30am

Report by Geoff Bland

Exeter Panthers are the current league leaders having lost only one game so far this season and have also made it through to the cup final, so this game was going to be a good indication of where our strengths and weaknesses are. The weather conditions also weren’t favourable with strong 40/50 mph winds. One good thing though was since our last match on Wednesday evening the pitch had been cut and the lines painted.

Straight from the kick off Panthers were at us. Within the first couple of minutes Panthers had a shot from the right hand side of the penalty area that went past our stranded goal keeper Thomas to open the scoring. 0-1. Not the start we wanted but somehow it seemed to settle us. West Exe began to get into the game and after five minutes Mickie saw a chance with the Panther’s keeper off his line. Mickie shoots but the keeper runs back to stop the ball inches from crossing the goal line. A couple of minutes later James crosses the ball to Gracjan, who hits a volley that goes just wide. A quarter of an hour in and Gracjan has another chance. He swerves past a defender and shoots for what looks like a sure equaliser but the keeper just gets a hand to the ball to tip it over for a corner. In the nineteenth minute Mickie has a long range shot from 35 yards out. The ball moves about in the strong wind and goes through the keeper’s hands to make it 1-1. Sixty seconds later West Exe make a number of good one touch passes enabling Mickie to shoot, the ball rebounds off the keeper for Gracjan to have a go but the shot goes over the cross bar. West Exe pile on more pressure with Levi making a good pass to Mickie on the wing who crosses the ball into the Panther’s penalty area but a charging Dylan couldn’t quite reach to head the ball. In the twenty eighth minute West Exe are awarded a free kick out on the left wing. James hits the ball just in front of the keeper but it bounces up and over the cross bar.  The goal kick lands to Sulai who’s subsequent shot is deflected but the keeper still made the save. Just after the half hour mark Mickie has the ball and is in a similar position from where he scored earlier in the match. No harm in trying it again. This time he hits an absolute beauty. The ball fizzes over the keeper and dips just under the cross bar for West Exe to take a well deserved lead. 2-1. Panther’s finish the half with a run down the right wing and a shot that goes over the bar.

HT 2-1

With the wind behind them, Panther’s have the majority of the possession and territory in the second half. Within five minutes they had drawn level from a whipped in corner that was headed in from the near post. 2-2. A few minutes later they pass a through ball past our defence. Thomas runs out from goal and puts the striker off enough for the shot to go wide. Panther’s have another corner a couple of minutes later which gets knocked into our net for an unfortunate own goal. 2-3. We have a couple of chances just past the quarter hour mark. Seb runs through into the box but shoots over the cross bar. Then a pass from Gracjan to Seb gives him another chance but this time the keeper saves. With seven minutes remaining Gracjan chases after a through ball but it runs on for the keeper to dive on. West Exe look to be getting tired which starts to show as Panther’s push to put the game to bed. Goal keeper Thomas comes out to force a shot wide but on half an hour a through ball by Panther’s leaves the striker one on one with Thomas. He comes out and makes a splendid short range save but the rebounded ball isn’t cleared and Panther’s score. 2-4. A minute later Panther’s play a similar through ball which this time gets slotted past our keeper. 2-5.


This was always going to be our toughest test of the season and although we got off to a shaky start, we re-grouped and had the better of the play in the first half. A couple of unfortunate errors and tiredness in the second half gave Panther’s the win but West Exe gave them a good game and pushed them to the end. West Exe should be proud of the effort and performance they put in and achieved something very few teams have this year by taking the lead against a top team like Panther’s.



28/04/2019 U12s Girls vs Cullompton

West Exe U12 Girls vs Cullompton U12 28/04/19 (Friendly)

Perfect playing condtions on a recently cut pitch and a geat turnout of 11 keen players and it was ‘game-on’ against Cullompton. The team started well, adjusting not only to the new bigger pitch and bigger goals but the tricky offside rule. The run of play was fairly even from the start but Misha got stuck in central midfield making her presence felt.  Pheobe had a relatively quiet time in goal but made some good saves when required. Amelia was undeterred by girls almost twice the size of her bearing down on her for a tackle and made some great passes. Emily, in only her second outing for West Exe contributed well and picked up some valuable experience. Good job Emily. Alisha put in an solid performance tackling players and retaining composure on the ball and saved us several times in defence.

Sophia made a couple of good runs down the left-hand side from training ground practice and crossed them beautifully into the box and also almost scored herself. Rayanna took a David-Beckham type shot from inside her own half-way line that ended up at the goalies feet.

Maisy made her presence felt in the back four in a John Terry type role with a reassuringly safe performance of clearances and increasing confidence on the ball. Several of the girls were confident to head a flying ball and try and control it – well done.

The half-time whistle blew with a satisfyingly clean-sheet for West Exe 0-0 and all to play for in the second half.

With all the girls tiring on the large pitch they were rotated in quick succession using 2 substitutes (what a novelty!) giving all girls good game-time. A brief opportunity gave Cullompton a goal half-way through the second half. 1-0 to Cullompton. Not despondent but all looking slightly tired West Exe went on the attack. Rayanna made three free-kick long balls to Jess in quick succession who made some fast runs into the box and almost scored. 

Holly and Beth both worked hard in midfield making chances and positioning themselves so that they did not get caught out by the offside trap. Only a couple of infringements were made throughout the match which shows that we are learning the subtleties of the rule.

Considering we lost 4-1 last time we met Cullompton this was an excellent effort and the final result of 1-0 to Cullompton could easily have gone the other way. Woman of the match was awarded to Misha for her great all round contribution today: well done Misha!

Also thanks to Will the impartial linesman!

24/04/2019 U13s vs Brixington



Wednesday 24th April 2019 K.O. 6.30pm

Report by Geoff Bland

This was the third time this season to play against Brixington having won the previous two meetings in the cup and league. We had a full squad apart from Thomas in defence but our biggest concern was the condition of the pitch, which had not been cut and the white paint lines were barely visible. However, the referee was happy for the match to go ahead and the spectators were going to be in for a treat.

The game started off at a frantic pace with end to end play in the first five minutes. Dylan had a chance a few minutes in and was one on one with the keeper who managed to dive on the ball. A minute later Brixington had a corner, which was volleyed and required our goal keeper Thomas to make a fine save. In the twelfth minute Gracjan runs through with the ball and collides with the Brixington keeper but manages to stay on his feet, enabling him to have a shot from out wide in the penalty box but the attempt goes just wide. After quarter of an hour Brixington pass a long through ball into our half. Thomas runs out from goal but is beaten to the ball and Brixington shoot at an open net. James read the situation and ran through into the goal area and headed the ball off the line. A few seconds later Brixington try again, this time from a cross from the right wing into the box. The Brixington striker shoots but Thomas makes a great save from close range. On twenty minutes West Exe fail to clear the ball from their area. Brixington pounce and lob Thomas to score the opener. 0-1. Straight from the kick off Brixington make a few decisive passes to get into our area and shoot requiring another fine save from Thomas. A few seconds later Brixington run down the right wing, the player cuts in and shoots past Thomas for their second. 0-2. West Exe now realise that if they want to keep their unbeaten record against Brixington this season, they need to pull together as a team. They have a go ten minutes from half time with some good passing which opens up an opportunity for Gracjan, who pulls the keeper out wide but the subsequent shot goes just over the cross bar. On thirty minutes Mickie has a shot which the keeper fumbles but manages to regather it as Dylan runs in.

HT 0-2

Straight from the start of the second half it was clear to see that West Exe were not giving up. Within the first minute James had an shot saved by the keeper. West Exe were having more of the possession and territory and in the ninth minute a one-two between Seb And Gracjan opened up the Brixington defence, enabling Magic to have a shot but it hit the post and was cleared to safety. It was starting to feel that it just wasn’t going to be our day but in the twelfth minute James back in defence thumps the ball high into the air towards the Brixington penalty area. The keeper comes out to gather the ball but losses it’s flight and palms the ball back into his own net. 1-2. West Exe continue with the pressure but in the twenty second minute Brixington have a free kick just outside our box. The shot is heading straight for the top right hand corner of the goal but Thomas somehow manages to get across and with a diving, outstretched arm tips the ball over the cross bar for a corner. An outstanding save. The next ten minutes sees a lot of West Exe possession but with very few opportunities to shoot due to a well organised Brixington defence. In the thirty third minute Mickie has a speculative shot from just inside the Brixington half. The ball bounces just in front of the goal keeper and it rolls past him for West Exe’s equalizer. 2-2. The final couple of minutes of the match was spent mainly in our own half and determinedly trying to hold out for a draw.


This was a tough, physical match on a pitch that didn’t help our passing game.We battled through and came out with a well deserved point. The game showed how much our team has improved this season. In previous years heads would have dropped having gone two-nil down but it shows what a never-give-up attitude can bring.  Well done West Exe.