01/12/2018 – West Hill Wasps 1-5 U10s Wolves

Saturday 01/12/2018

A day where the weather beat most matches, this one went ahead on a respectable looking surface.
Westhill were known opponents from the U9s plate competition last year, Wolves coming out with a marginal 1-0 victory.
Upon lining up it appeared the locals had been feeding their players double the amount the Westexe boys had as they towered above them.
This aerial and physical prowess started to show with long throw-ins into the box proving a difficult and new challenge to deal with for the Wolves.
West hill worked this pressure into a well taken and deserved goal.
In the familiar territory of being a goal down, Westexe reacted instantly, passing the ball like they had an extra player on the field, using every available pocket of space on the smaller away pitch. Wolves began a relentless barrage of shots on goal, with every single blue shirt taking their turn to try to draw the game level. The West Hill goalie, who was up for the challenge got something on all but 1 of the shots before half time.
HT 1-1
The half time team talk heard the boys in very high spirits with a clear confidence in the way they were playing.
The game continued in the blues favour with some delightful forward play resulting in 2 quick goals which saw the home side realising the game was slipping away from them.
Westexe finished the day 5-1 victors and through to the quarter finals ?
The whole game was played in very good spirits with both sets of supporters applauding both teams good play.