Charity day catch-up

Now Christmas is out the way I am hoping we can focus a little more on the charity day, so I have booked the back room of the Royal Oak again for Sunday 17th January for a catch up, to see how everybody is getting on with their allocated jobs and see if anybody needs to discuss anything further.

I am hoping for a 7pm start so for those that are involved please try and make it.  Coaches and parents are also extremely welcome.

Thanks very much and I hope to see you all next Sunday.

Simon Partridge
West Exe YFC Head Coach
07788 656430

Neil Popham

Neil is the West Exe Youth Football Club webmonkey. He maintains our website and advises on Internet communications. His son, Jasper, plays in the Under 10s. He probably gets a little too over-excited during tense games, which is pretty much all of them involving his son.