Charity day car sharing

If you are driving to the charity day at Tedburn St. Mary Football Club on 22nd May and are willing to give someone else a lift, or you have no way of getting out to Tedburn St. Mary and are looking for a lift, please contact Brian Sheppey at

Brian has graciously agreed to organise car shares to help people to and from the venue, and can hopefully hook you up.

Unfortunately we simply do not have the resources to organise transport ourselves, so any volunteers to provide a lift to someone in need would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.


Image used: “Taxis” (CC BY 2.0) by  zoonabar

Neil Popham

Neil is the West Exe Youth Football Club webmonkey. He maintains our website and advises on Internet communications. His son, Jasper, plays in the Under 10s. He probably gets a little too over-excited during tense games, which is pretty much all of them involving his son.