A huge thank you to Minute Book!

We’d like to express our huge thanks to Minute Book who have sponsored our two new 12ft x 6ft goals!

Minute Book isn’t just another photobook. It allows you to tell your own unique story with words and images. Invite family and friends to tell you their story of your special day, presented as a package of unique yet coordinated books, or just tell your own story in an individual book.

You can read more about Minute Book on their website,  www.minute-book.co.uk. You can also follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

Minute Book logo


Neil Popham

Neil is the West Exe Youth Football Club webmonkey. He maintains our website and advises on Internet communications. His son, Jasper, plays in the Under 10s. He probably gets a little too over-excited during tense games, which is pretty much all of them involving his son.